Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Part of the allure of traveling is the unexpected sights and experiences you come across on your journey. But some unexpected experiences are unwanted, and can ruin your travels. That’s where the benefits of travel insurance come into play.

Miller Murphy Travel cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen mishaps, such as cancellations, accidents or illness abroad, emergency evacuations, lost baggage, or flight issues. That’s why we strongly encourage our clients to take out travel insurance, which will protect themselves, their families, and their investments.

Many companies offer comprehensive travel insurance coverage, and you’re free to choose the coverage plan you believe best fits your needs and budget. As a courtesy, we are detailing, below, the details from a private provider – Travelex Insurance – whom we recommend to our clients.

How Valuable Is Travel Insurance?

This video from Travelex answers common questions to help educate you on the importance of protecting your travels with travel insurance.

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Location Number: 01-0009 (this is a special policy exclusive for Virtuoso travelers that offers additional benefits)

Please include all expenses in your “trip cost” that are non-refundable.

Reasons why you might need travel insurance

No matter how prepared you are for your journey, some emergencies, accidents, and mishaps are out of your control. Travel insurance coverage can provide the peace of mind to protect you, your loved ones, and your investment – before and during your trip.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider travel insurance for your upcoming adventure:

Plans fall apart
Your upcoming vacation is the result of hours of planning and months or years of saving. What happens if you have to cancel your plans, due to one of life’s many unexpected events? Without travel insurance, you’ll miss out on your vacation, yet will still be on the hook for the entire cost. Purchasing a travel insurance policy will help protect you against losing your investment if you have to cancel your plans.

Travel with a settled mind
You planned your vacation to provide you with a much needed break, and an opportunity to see a new corner of the world without the stresses of regular life. However, traveling without insurance leaves you exposed to a myriad of what-ifs. What if a storm ruins your plans? What if you lose your job? A travel insurance policy will allow you to enjoy your time away, without worrying about those what-ifs.

Medical emergencies
No one expects to endure a medical emergency while overseas, but it does happen. If you or a loved one have a medical emergency while traveling, travel insurance can protect you from costly health expenses such as a hospital visit. Your current healthcare policy may have limited (or no) coverage for travel outside the U.S. A travel insurance plan is the best way to protect you and your family from unforeseen medical emergencies, and the expenses associated with them.

Emergency medical evacuation
In addition to medical coverage, travel insurance can also provide you with emergency transportation to a hospital or facility in the event of a medical emergency. Emergency transportation can also include transporting children back home, or transporting a visitor of your choice to stay with you.

Credit cards can come up short
Many travelers rely on their credit cards to protect them while overseas. However, many of these credit cards don’t fully protect you in the event of a delay, cancellation, or a medical emergency. Before assuming your credit card offers the coverage you need, compare their offerings with that of a few travel insurance plans.

Lost, stolen or damaged items
Lost or damaged luggage can ruin a vacation. How can you enjoy yourself when you don’t have a change of clothes? Do you really have to spend your money to buy the clothes you need while you wait for your luggage to find its way to you? Not with travel insurance. Travel insurance can reimburse you for any items you need to purchase while you wait for your luggage to return, or to replace any items damaged during your travels.

Concierge services
The insurance coverage we recommend to our clients gives them access to a toll-free number, connecting them instantly with travel assistance (including medical emergency assistance and lost baggage retrieval).