Why Use Stephanie

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The Approach of Stephanie – Discover, Design, Connect, Experience, Share

Every client has a unique and special definition of luxury. Travel websites assist with trip planning. Stephanie assists with creating custom experiences of a lifetime for clients. Custom Travel Planning begins with a full understanding of her clients travel history and style as well as their dreams for the future. Beginning with the initial discovery phase she will learn as much about you as possible. This phase of discovery helps her best bring your dreams to life through your travels. Once she understands your style, preference and future travel dreams Stephanie will move on to the design phase where she will begin crafting the details of your journey. She will work collaboratively to craft an exceptional travel experience that is customized to your style of travel. Stephanie stays connected and shares in the anticipation leading up to your journey providing you with all of the necessary components you will need and to assist with last minute details. As you embark on your experience she remains in close contact with you while you travel providing comfort and reassurance while you are away. Upon your return Stephanie will reconnect with her clients and share the excitement of your experience.

The Value of a Travel Advisor – Insider Access to the Best Travel Products around the Globe

Stephanie’s role as a Travel Advisor is to assist her clients with managing one of their most precious resources…..their time away. She ensures you avoid costly mistakes that often occur planning travel on your own. Through her affiliations with Brownell Travel, the oldest and most prestigious travel company in the country, and Virtuoso, an invitation-only network of the top luxury travel products in the world, Stephanie has connections all over the globe to ensure your experience is flawless. She can provide you with insider access to special added-value amenities such as upgrades, monetary credits, and exclusive experiences that you cannot find on your own….not even on the internet. Her relationships with top-tier travel companies ensure you are awarded the VIP status you deserve.

Miller Murphy Travel is an independent affiliate of Brownell Travel, a Virtuoso member
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